Preparation of a superposition of squeezed coherent states of a cavity field via coupling to a superconducting charge qubit

Dagoberto S. Freitas


The generation of nonclassical states of a radiation field has become increasingly important in the past years given its various applications in quantum communication. It has been recently proposed a way to engineer quantum states using a SQUID charge qubit inside a cavity with a controllable interaction between the cavity field and the charge qubit. Since decoherence is known to affect quantum effects uninterruptedly and decoherence process are working even when the quantum state is being formed, therefore, is interesting to envisage processes through which quantum superpositions are generated as fast as possible. We succeed in linearizing the Hamiltonian of the system through the application of an appropriate unitary transformation and for certain values of the parameters involved, we show that it is possible to obtain specific Hamiltonians. In this work we will use this approach for preparing superposition of two squeezed coherent states.


Superposição de estados; Estados coerentes comprimidos; Qubit de carga supercondutor.

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