Fish fauna from the basins of southeastern Espírito Santo, Brazil

Luisa Maria Sarmento-Soares, Ronaldo Fernando Martins-Pinheiro, Mikael Mansur Martinelli


The hydrographic basin of southeastern Espírito Santo comprises the systems of Rio Novo, Rio Benevente and small river basins of the Guarapari. The present study is part of a series of studies on the fish fauna of river basins in Espírito Santo State. Fourty-five geo-referrerenced points in rivers and rivulets of the region were evaluated, 13 in the Rio Novo basin, 23 in the Rio Benevente basin and nine in small river basins in the municipalities of Anchieta, Guarapari, and Vila Velha. The environment and fish fauna were documented at every point, reporting a total of 110 species (54 marine), belonging to 46 families and 17 orders, most of which are Perciformes (42 species). With the exception of marine species, most of the fishes belong to the orders Characiformes and Siluriformes, with 16 species each. The Atlantic forest along the rivers of southeastern Espírito Santo region is composed of ombrophylous forest, pluvial submontane forest and pioneer formations (swamps, coastal sand dunes, and mangroves). The wetlands and coastal lake environments in the area are submitted to intense disturbances, and in this sense, the conservation units are extremely important for their preservation. The regional endemism of freshwater fishes is commented on, as well as the presence of potentially new species in the study area.



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