Flora of Bahia: Menispermaceae

Michella Del Rei Teixeira, André Amorim


A floristic survey of Menispermaceae from Bahia, Brazil, is presented as a contribution to the study of the flora in the state. Twenty-two taxa are recognized and analytical identification keys, descriptions, comments, distribution maps and illustrations of the species are provided. Descriptions and illustrations of reproductive characters of Curarea crassa (♀ flowers), Odontocarya duckei (♂ flowers) and Sciadotenia pubistaminea (fruits) are provided for the first time. Abuta selloana and Disciphania ernstii are recorded for the first time in Bahia. One species of Cissampelos remains unidentified, but the morphological affinities with other species are discussed.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13102/scb125


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