First Record of the Inquiline Ant Leptothorax kutteri Buschinger, 1965 from Turkey




inquilinism, social parasitism, biodiversity


We report on the occurrence of the ant Leptothorax kutteri Buschinger, 1965 in two sites in Northern and Eastern Turkey. Leptothorax kutteri is a workerless inquiline living in the colonies of L. acervorum (Fabricius, 1793) so far known from various parts of Northern and Central Europe. Our findings greatly increase the range of this small and rare ant.


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Author Biographies

Kadri Kiran, Trakya University - Turkey

Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Department of Biology

Celal Karaman, Trakya University - Turkey

Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Department of Biology

Jürgen Heinze, Zoology/Evolutionary Biology, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

Zoology/Evolutionary Biology


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Kiran, K., Karaman, C., & Heinze, J. (2021). First Record of the Inquiline Ant Leptothorax kutteri Buschinger, 1965 from Turkey. Sociobiology, 68(3), e7224.



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