Volume 68, Issue 3, Table of Contents


Sociobiology, Vol. 68, Issue 3, September 2021.


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Table of Contents


Research Article - Ants First Record of the Inquiline Ant Leptothorax kutteri Buschinger, 1965 from Turkey, Kadri Kiran, Celal Karaman, Jürgen Heinze Nest Architecture and Animals Associated with Neoponera verenae (Forel) (Formicidae, Ponerinae), Hugo Ribeiro Moleiro, Adolfo da Silva-Melo, Edilberto Giannotti Structure of ant-diaspore networks and their functional outcomes in a Brazilian Atlantic Forest, Bianca Ferreira da Silva Laviski, Antonio José Mayhé-Nunes, André Felippe Nunes-Freitas Diversity of Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in Two Forest Sites from Kabylia of Djurdjura, Northern Algeria, Sadou Sid-Ali, Sadoudi Ali-Ahmed Djamila, Metna Ali-Ahmed Fatiha, Ourrad Ouiza, Slimani Said Do Odontomachus brunneus nestmates request for help and are taken care of when caught?, Luiz Carlos Santos Junior, Emerson Pereira Silva, William Fernando Antonialli-Junior


Research Article - Bees Effect of Protein Supplementation in the Bee Apis mellifera L. Exposed to the Agrochemical Fipronil, Iloran do Rosário Corrêa Moreira, Daniel Cavalcante Brambila de Barros, Juliana Sartori Lunardi, Ricardo de Oliveira Orsi First Case of Gynandromorphism in the Orchid-Bee Eulaema meriana (Olivier) (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Alex Pazmiño-Palomino, Marcio Luiz de Oliveira Determination of Nectar Resources through Body Surface Pollen Analysis: A Study with the Stingless Bee Tetragonula iridipennis Smith (Apidae: Meliponini) in West Bengal, India, Sourabh Bisui, Ujjwal Layek, Prakash Karmakar Nests of Eufriesea aff. auriceps (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Euglossini) in remnants of Atlantic Forest and reforested areas, André Luis Gobatto, Amanda Guimarães Franciscon, Natalia Uemura, Susanna Mendes Miranda, Giovanna Gabriely Cesar, Ana Carolina Oliveira-Silva, Thais Kotelok-Diniz, Silvia Sofia Bees from an Island in the Delta of the Americas (Maranhão state, Brazil) and their Floristic Interactions Carlos Luis Neves Jr., Harryson Correa Barros, Maira Rodrigues Diniz, Bruna Emanuele Freire Correia, Luciano André Chaves Ferreira, Albeane Guimarães Silva, Eduardo Bezerra de Almeida Jr., Márcia Maria Correa Rêgo



Short Note First Record of Cardiocondyla obscurior Wheeler, 1929 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae) for Pakistan Waqar Majeed, Elmo Borges A. Koch, Naureen Rana, Rimsha Naseem Characterizing the Mitogenome of the Endemic Bumblebee Subspecies from the Canary Islands for Conservation Purposes Carlos Ruiz, Diego Cejas, Irene Muñoz, Pilar De la Rua Read more about Volume 68, Issue 3, Table of Contents

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Vol. 68 No. 3 (2021)

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Published: 2021-08-14

Research Article - Ants

Research Article - Bees

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