Ethnoichthyology of traditional fishermen from Caeté-Taperaçu Marine Extractive Reserve: aspects related to ethology, habitat use and migration of fishes of the Sciaenidae

Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza, Juarez Carlos Brito Pezzuti


The purpose of this study was to describe the traditional
knowledge of fishermen regarding the behaviour, habitat use and migration of fishes from the Sciaenidae in the villages of
Pescadores and Bonifacio (Ajuruteua – Pará). Results show a detailed and accurate knowledge of the Ajuruteua fishermen
regarding aspects of fish behaviour, physiology and parasite attack. They also identified the main spatial units occupied
by fish, and indicated probable reasons for fish migration within these spatial units. As such, the fundamental role of
ethnobiology in the collection of data, that incorporates the popular knowledge of fishermen for fisheries management, is
recognized in this study.



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