Trichoglossum hirsutum (Geoglossaceae, Ascomycota): first record from Northeast Brazil

Larissa Trierveiler Pereira, José Luiz Bezerra


species, like other species of Geoglossaceae s.l., are commonly known as earth tongues. The main characteristic that
separates Trichoglossum from the other genera of the family is the presence of black setae in the hymenium. Ascomata are
typically dark, clavate-stipitate and the surface has a velvety aspect. During field expeditions in the State of Pernambuco,
Brazil, in 2008, specimens of Trichoglossum were collected. The material was analyzed macro and microscopically and
identified as T. hirsutum. The ascospores are brownish, 113–140 μm long, with 15 septa. This species has a worldwide
distribution, but had not been previously reported to the Northeast Brazil. A key for the identification of species of
Trichoglossum recorded in Brazil is presented.



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