Synanthropic araneo-fauna associated with the family Sicariidae in the municipality of União da Vitória, Paraná, Brazil

Marta Luciane Fischer, Cristina Brandes Grosskopf, Sérgio Bazílio, Janael Ricetti


This study aimed to compose
a species database of the spider fauna in seven urban fragments of Atlantic Forest in Salvador city, State of Bahia,
comparing the composition of three of those remaining fragments. The data were gathered in the Arachnology collection
of the Animal Ecology and Conservation Centre (ECOA) – UCSal, coming from several projects connected to the centre
between 2000 and 2009. We identified 3,201 adult individuals, from 39 families, 143 genera and 170 species or
morphospecies. There was significant difference in the species composition of the spider fauna between the three
fragments (Botanical Garden of Salvador, the Joventino Silva Park and forest within the ground of the 4th Guard Company).
The species richness of fragments in Salvador has been found to be low, but standardized surveys of spiders are still
needed to demonstrate the importance of conservation of the green areas within the city, since they maintain the diversity
of the araneo-fauna in Salvador.



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