Microdictyon (Chlorophyta, Anadyomenaceae) from the State of Bahia, Brazil

Aigara Miranda Alves, Lísia Mônica de Souza Gestinari, Carlos Wallace do Nascimento Moura


A morpho-taxonomic study of
the genus Microdictyon from the littoral of Bahia, Brazil, is presented. The material studied was obtained by dredging in
the infralittoral of the Municipality of Canavieiras, as well as from analysis of material collected along the Bahia coast and
deposited in the herbaria SPF and RFA. The genus is characterized by a flat thallus, astipitate, monostromatic, composed
of open, reticulate laminae formed by apical cell-coalition. Three species were identified, M. boergesenii, M. pseudohapteron
and M. umbilicatum, which were defined based on the type of adhesion pads at the tip of cells, presence or absence of
constrictions and differences in branching pattern. Microdictyon pseudohapteron presents crenulated adhesion pads on
the tip of cells whereas M. boergesenii and M. umbilicatum present apical annulated adhesion, the latter two differing by
branching patterns and the presence or absence of constriction. Descriptions, illustrations and comparison with related
taxa are provided.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13102/scb88


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