Notes on a nest of Megachile (Moureapis) apicipennis Schrottky (Megachilidae) constructed in an abandoned gallery of Xylocopa Frontalis (Olivier) (Apidae)

Léo Correia Rocha-Filho, Aline C. Martins, Paola Marchi


Notes on a nest of the leafcutting bee Megachile (Moureapis) apicipennis Schrottky (Megachilidae) found in an abandoned gallery excavated by the carpenter bee Xylocopa frontalis (Olivier) (Apidae) are presented. A total of four nests were found at the end of the gallery. Brood cells were lined with imbricate pieces of leaves of Centrosema virginianum (L.) Benth. (Fabaceae). Four males and two females of M. apicipennis emerged as well as individuals of three species of natural enemies: Coelioxys otomita Cresson (Megachilidae), Brachymeria paraguayensis (Brèthes) and Melittobia australica Girault (Eulophidae). Our results were similar to the data obtained from other species of Megachile (Moureapis) Raw.


carpenter bee, Centrosema leaves, leafcutting bee, natural enemies

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