Bioactivity of Cicuta virosa L. var. latisecta Celak. (Umbelliferae: Cicutal) against Red Imported Fire Ant under Laboratory and Field Conditions

Yong-Qing Tian, Dong-Mei Cheng, Zhi-Xiang Zhang


We evaluated the bioactivities of compounds from Cicuta virosa L. var. latisecta Celak. against red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta Buren) under field and laboratory conditions. The compounds were as follows: methanol extract; petroleum ether, chloroform, and ethyl acetate fractions from the methanol extract; and the active compound isoimperatorin, which was isolated from the chloroform-fraction. The 7 d LC50 values of the methanol extract, petroleum ether, chloroform, and ethyl acetate fractions and isoimperatorin toward micrergates were 111.20, 214.45, 40.90, 569.67, and 25.73 mg/kg, res­pectively. The corresponding LC50 values toward macrergates were 155.78, 308.38, 75.01, 776.75, and 42.77 mg/kg, res­pectively. Under field conditions, baits containing 0.2% methanol extract, 0.1% chloroform fraction, and 0.05% isoimperatorin efficiently controlled S. invicta, with effectiveness percentages of 95.56%, 97.78%, and 95.56%, respectively on the 30th day after bait application. Such effectiveness percentages were not significantly different from that obtained using the positive control fipronil. The present study showed that C. virosa L. var. latisecta has potential as a natural control agent for the red imported fire ants.


Cicuta virosa L. var. latisecta; isoimperatorin; Solenopsis invicta; insecticidal activity

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