Contributions to the Knowledge of the Myrmecophilous Pselaphines (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae) from China. IX. a Redefinition of the Genus Anaclasiger, with a Description of a Second Species Associated with Prenolepis sphingthoraxa (Hymenoptera

Zi-Wei Yin


The genus Anaclasiger Raffray is redefined and its taxonomic placement briefly discussed, based on the discovery of a second species of the genus, A. zhudaiae sp. n., collected in association with the ant Prenolepis sphingthoraxa from South China. The new species is described and illustrated. An identification key to species of Anaclasiger is provided.


Myrmecophilous Pselaphines; Redefinition; Anaclasiger; Prenolepis sphingthoraxa

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