New Distribution Record of Reticulitermes speratus Kolbe (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in the Coldest Highland in Central Japan

Etsuro Takagi, Takahiro Ogai


The distribution of Reticulitermes speratus Kolbe was investigated in the Sugadaira highland, the coldest area in central Japan. We found R. speratus in an empty lot in June 2013. The following spring, we found the overwintered termites in the log, which had been naturally covered in snow. Conversely, the population size in the empty lot had decreased from April through June 2014. Moreover, R. speratus were not found in the forest. These suggest that the individuals found in the empty lot had been artificially introduced and the establishment might be difficult in the coldest areas in Japan.


establishment; invasion; Japanese termite; cold tolerance

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