First Record of the Dolichoderine Ant Genus Gracilidris Wild & Cuezzo (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Southern Brazil

Rodrigo M. Feitosa, William Drose, Luciana Regina Podgaiski, Milton Mendonça Jr.


ABSTRACT - The dolichoderine ant species Gracilidris pombero, sole representative of the genus, is recorded for the first time in southern Brazil. Until now, the species was known only for the open fields of the South American dry diagonal and for a single locality in the Colombian Amazon. The specimens reported here were collected with pitfall traps in grasslands of the Pampa biome, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. This record represents the southernmost occurrence for the genus, extending its distribution in approximately 450 km to the south in the Neotropics and in almost 1,150 km to the south in Brazil.


Dolichoderinae, Pampa biome, Grasslands, Biogeography, Dominican Amber

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