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Vol 66, No 3 (2019) A Checklist of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Tariq Rasheed, Imran Bodlah, Ammara Gull e Fareen, Aijaz Ahmad Wachkoo, Xiaolei Huang, Shahid Ali Akbar
Vol 65, No 2 (2018) A comparison between time of exposure, number of pitfall traps and the sampling cost to capture ground-dwelling poneromorph ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Abstract   PDF
Camila Brito Gomes, Jorge L. P. Souza, Elizabeth Franklin
Vol 68, No 2 (2021): (Continuous Flow) A Day in the Life of the Giant Ant Dinoponera lucida Emery, 1901 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae): Records of Activities and Intraspecific Interactions Abstract   PDF
Cássio Zocca, Flávio Curbani, Rodrigo B. Ferreira, Cecília Weichert, Tathiana Guerra Sobrinho, Ana Carolina Srbek-Araujo
Vol 65, No 3 (2018) A Fatal Nest Construction: Man-mixed Cement Used by Mud-daubing Wasps Abstract   PDF
Armando Falcón-Brindis, Ricardo Rodriguez-Estrella, Maria Luisa Jiménez
Vol 65, No 2 (2018) A founder-controlled, social wasp assemblage, and a recent severe fall in numbers Abstract   PDF
Anthony Raw
Vol 64, No 2 (2017) A New Ant Species, Temnothorax ansei sp.n. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from the Arid Environments of South-eastern Spain Abstract   PDF
Chema Catarineu, Gonzalo G Barberá, Joaquín L Reyes-López
Vol 59, No 2 (2012) A New Case of Ants Nesting within Branches of a Fig Tree: the Case of Ficus subpisocarpa in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
Anthony Bain, Bhanumas Chantarasuwan, Lieng-Siang Shou, Martine Hossaert McKey, Bertrand Schatz, Finn Kjellberg
Vol 64, No 3 (2017) A New Extrafloral Nectary-Bearing Plant Species in the Brazilian Savanna and its Associated Ant Community: Nectary Structure, Nectar Production and Ecological Interactions Abstract   PDF
Marcela Saldanha Pires, Eduardo S Calixto, Denis C Oliveira, Kleber Del-Claro
Vol 65, No 2 (2018) A New Protocol Using Artificial Seeds to Evaluate Dietary Preferences of Harvester Ants in Semi-arid Environments Abstract   PDF
Pedro Luna, Wesley Dáttilo
Vol 62, No 4 (2015) A New Species and a New Record of the Ant Genus Stigmatomma Roger (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from India Abstract   PDF
Himender Bharti, Joginder Singh Rilta
Vol 59, No 4 (2012) A New Species of Atheta (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Sri Lanka found with Termites (Isptera: Termitidae) Abstract   PDF
David H. Kistner
Vol 66, No 3 (2019) A New Species of Cryptopone Emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae) from Brazil with Observations of this Genus and a Key for New World Species Abstract   PDF
Itanna Oliveira Fernandes, Jacques Hubert Charles Delabie
Vol 62, No 1 (2015) A New Species of the Neotropical Social Swarming-Wasp Chartergellus Bequaert (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Epiponini). Abstract   PDF
Sidnei Mateus, Fabio Santos Nascimento, Marcos Aragão, Sergio Ricardo Andena
Vol 61, No 2 (2014) A New Species of the Ponerine Ant Genus Myopias Roger from Yunnan, China, with a Key to the Known Oriental Species Abstract   PDF
Zheng-Hui Xu, Chris J Burrwel, Akihiro Nakamura
Vol 66, No 1 (2019) A new species of the social wasp genus Chartergellus Bequaert from Trinidad, (Hymenoptera: Vespidae, Polistinae, Epiponini) Abstract   PDF
James M Carpenter, Sergio Ricardo Andena, Christopher Starr
Vol 66, No 4 (2019) A New Species of the Swarming Social Wasp Chartergellus Bequaert, 1938 (Vespidae: Polistinae: Epiponini) from Acre, Brazil Abstract   PDF
Alexandre Somavilla, Sérgio Ricardo Andena
Vol 59, No 4 (2012) A New Synonymy of Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Abstract   PDF
Zhi-Qiang Li
Vol 59, No 1 (2012) A Newly Recorded Genus and Species, Harpagoxenus sublaevis, from China with a Key to the Known Species of Harpagoxenus of the World (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Abstract   PDF
Zheng-Hui Xu
Vol 64, No 4 (2017) A note on the karyotype and morphology of the ant Platythyrea sinuata (Roger, 1860) (Formicidae, Ponerinae, Plathytyreini Abstract   PDF
Patrícia Nayara Caldas Silva-Rocha, Joao Paulo Sales Oliveira Correia, Clea Santos Ferreira Mariano, Jacques Hubert Charles Delabie, Marco Antonio Costa
Vol 64, No 2 (2017) A preliminary list of the Ant Fauna in Northeastern Sahara of Algeria (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Abstract   PDF
Abdellatif Chemala, Mounira Benhamacha, Mohamed Didi OULD El HADJ, Faiza Marniche, Samia Daoudi
Vol 63, No 3 (2016) A Quantitative Baseline of Ants and Orchid Bees in Human-Modified Amazonian Landscapes in Paragominas, PA, Brazil. Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Ribeiro de Castro Solar, Júlio Cesar Mario Chaul, Márcia Maués, José Henrique Schoereder
Vol 62, No 2 (2015) A Remarkable New Dimorphic Species of Solenopsis from Argentina Abstract   PDF
Fabiana del Carmen Cuezzo, Fernando Fernández
Vol 60, No 1 (2013) A Review of the Biology, Ecology and Behavior of Velvety Tree Ants of North America Abstract   PDF
Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain, Michael K Rust, John H Klotz
Vol 65, No 4 (2018) A Scientific Note of Housekeeping Genes for the Primitively Eusocial bee Euglossa viridissima Friese (Apidae: Euglossini) Abstract   PDF
Samuel Boff, Anna Friedel, Anja Miertsch, J. Javier Quezada-Euàn, Robert J Paxton, H. Michael G Lattorff
Vol 66, No 1 (2019) A Scientific Note on a Stingless Bee Hive Model for Ecological and Behavioral Studies and for Environmental Education Abstract   PDF
Celso Barbieri, Gerson Luiz Pinheiro, Paula Marques Drago, Tiago Maurício Francoy
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