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Vol 64, No 3 (2017) First record of the stingless bee Lestrimelitta rufa (Friese) (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponini) in NE Brazil and its cleptobiotic behavior Abstract   PDF
Valdenio Mendes Mascena, David Silva Nogueira, Celso Moreira Silva, Breno Magalhães Freitas
Vol 61, No 3 (2014) First records of the myrmecophilous fungus Laboulbenia camponoti Batra (Ascomycetes: Laboulbeniales) from Austria and Romania Abstract   PDF
Ferenc Báthori, Walter P Pfliegler, András Tartally
Vol 62, No 4 (2015) First Records Of The Recently Described Ectoparasitic Rickia lenoirii Santam. (Ascomycota: Laboulbeniales) In The Carpathian Basin Abstract   PDF
Ferenc Báthori, Walter P Pfliegler, András Tartally
Vol 61, No 3 (2014) First-year nest growth in the leaf-cutting ants Atta bisphaerica and Atta sexdens rubropilosa Abstract   PDF
Sandra Cardoso, Luiz Carlos Forti, Nilson Satoru Nagamoto, Roberto Camargo
Vol 62, No 3 (2015) Flight and Digging Effort in Leaf-cutting Ant Males and Gynes Abstract   PDF
Edypo Jacob Silva, Roberto da Silva Camargo, Luiz Carlos Forti
Vol 66, No 1 (2019) Floral Origin and Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Honey from Africanized Bees in Apiaries of Ubiratã and Nova Aurora, State of Paraná Abstract   PDF
Elizabete Satsuki Sekine, Eliza H. Takashiba, Raquel Oliveira Bueno, Paulo Agenor Alves Bueno, Marcelo G. Caxambu, Maria Josiane Sereia, Luís C. Marchini, Augusta Carolina C.C. Moreti, Vagner A.A. Toledo
Vol 64, No 3 (2017) Floral Resource Partitioning between Centris (Heterocentris) analis (Fabricius, 1804) and Centris (Heterocentris) terminata Smith, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Centridini), in an Urban Fragment of the Atlantic Forest Abstract   PDF
Reinanda Lima, Maria Ferreira-Caliman, Marcos da Costa Dórea, Caroline Tito Garcia, Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos, Favízia Freitas Oliveira, Carlos Alberto Garófalo
Vol 65, No 3 (2018) Floral Resources Partitioning by Two Co-occurring Eusocial Bees in an Afromontane Landscape Abstract   PDF
Robert Tropek, Eliska Padysakova, Eliska Padysakova, Stepan Janecek, Stepan Janecek
Vol 65, No 4 (2018) Floral Traits and Foraging Behavior of the Bee Assemblage Visiting Martynia annua L. (Martyniaceae) in Coastal Jalisco, Mexico Abstract   PDF
Diana Cárdenas-Ramos, Armando Falcón-Brindis, Raúl Badillo-Montaño, Ismael Hinojosa-Diaz, Ricardo Ayala
Vol 61, No 3 (2014) Food competition mechanism between Solenopsis invicta Buren and Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius Abstract   PDF
Biqiu Wu, Lei Wang, Guangwen Liang, Yongyue Lu, Ling Zeng
Vol 60, No 3 (2013) Food Niche Overlap Among Neotropical Carpenter Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopini) in an Agricultural System Abstract   PDF
Danielle Mendes Carvalho, Candida Maria Lima Aguiar, Gilberto Marcos Mendonça Santos
Vol 59, No 3 (2012) Food Preferences of Workers of Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Abstract   PDF
Jianchu Mo
Vol 66, No 1 (2019) Foraging Activity of Xylocopa cearensis (Ducke) in Sand Dune Landscape Abstract   PDF
Fabiana Oliveira da Silva, Blandina Felipe Viana, Danilo Bôscolo, R. L. Santos
Vol 65, No 4 (2018) Foraging ants on the extrafloral nectaries repel nectar thieves but not the effective pollinator of Vigna luteola (Fabaceae) in a Mexican coastal sand dune Abstract   PDF
Armando Aguirre, Wesley Dáttilo, Dulce Rodríguez-Morales, Sara Canchola-Orozco, Eliezer Cocoletzi-Vasquez, Rosamond Coates, Guillermo Angeles-Alvarez
Vol 62, No 4 (2015) Foraging behavior of fire ant Solenopsis saevissima (Smith) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in Felis catus Linnaeus (Carnivora, Felidae) carcass Abstract   PDF
Tatiane Tagliatti Maciel, Mariana Monteiro Castro, Bruno Corrêa Barbosa, Elisa Furtado Fernandes, Helba Helena Santos-Prezoto, Fábio Prezoto
Vol 62, No 3 (2015) Foraging behavior of leaf cutting ants: How do workers search for their food? Abstract   PDF
Roberto da Silva Camargo
Vol 60, No 3 (2013) Foraging behavior of Scaptotrigona depilis (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponini) and its relationship with temporal and abiotic factors Abstract   PDF
Gláucya de Figueiredo-Mecca, Luci Rolandi Bego, Fabio Santos do Nascimento
Vol 61, No 4 (2014) Foraging distance of Melipona subnitida Ducke (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Abstract   PDF
Albeane Guimarães Silva, Rafael Sousa Pinto, Felipe Andres Leon Contrera, Patricia Maia Correia Albuquerque, Márcia Maria Corrêa Rêgo
Vol 59, No 3 (2012) Foraging Populations of Tube Building Termites, Gnathamitermes perplexus (Banks), Associated With Termiticide Experiments in Southern Arizona (Isoptera: Termitidae) Abstract   PDF
Paul Baker
Vol 65, No 2 (2018) Fortress with Sticky Moats: the Functional Role of Small Particles around Tetragonisca angustula Latreille (Apidae: Hymenoptera) Nest Entrance Abstract   PDF
Amaro Alves, Sebastian F. Sendoya, André Rodrigo Rech
Vol 62, No 2 (2015) Fossil Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Middle Eocene Kishenehn Formation Abstract   PDF
John S Lapolla, Dale E Greenwalt
Vol 59, No 4 (2012) Four New Species of the Amblyoponine Ant Genus Amblyopone (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Southwestern China with a Key to the Known Asian Species Abstract   PDF
Zheng-Hui Xu
Vol 60, No 1 (2013) Fumigant Activity of Eight Plant Essential Oils Against Workers of Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta Abstract   PDF
Liang Tang, Yong-Yan Sun, Qing-Peng Zhang, You Zhou, Ning Zhang, Zhi-Xiang Zhang
Vol 59, No 4 (2012) Fumigant Toxicity of Mentha arviensis Leaves Extracts on Coptotermes heimi, Heterotermes indicola and Their Gut fFlagellates Abstract   PDF
Naveeda Akhtar Qureshi
Vol 59, No 2 (2012) Furcotanilla, a New Genus of the Ant Subfamily Leptanillinae from China with Descriptions of Two New Species of Protanilla and P. rafflesi Taylor (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Abstract   PDF
Zheng-Hui Xu
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