The Males of Rhynchomicropteron (Diptera: Phoridae)


  • R. Henry L. Disney University of Cambridge



The genus Rhynchomicropteron Annandal (1912) has distinctive, myrmecophilous, flightless females. The females of the 17 Oriental species are keyed by Disney & Kistner (1998), supplemented by Disney (1999, 2010). Until Brown (1992) reared R. nudiventer Papp in Thailand, the males had been assigned to the genus Gymnoselia Schmitz (1927). This ‘genus’ contained the type species, R. curvescens (Schmitz 1927) and R. nudicosta (Brues 1907). Neither of these have been linked to their females. Recently Lengyel (2011) has described both sexes of a species from Israel, and reported the presence of this genus in Africa and Australia. The males remain poorly known. The purpose of this paper is to provide a key to the known males, even though most remain unknown and some are given code numbers only until they can be linked to their females.


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