Estimating colonies of Plebeia droryana (Friese, 1900) (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponini): adults, brood and nest structure




Plebeia droryana, stingless bees, nest estimative, population size, Meliponini


Estimate of stingless bee colonies including nest structures and quantitative brood and adult individuals are scarce. Here, we describe a new approach to estimate colonial parameters from nest structure, adults and brood. We used five colonies of Plebeia droryana (Friese, 1900) to evaluate colony size and weight of adult and brood. Nest architecture in P. droryana is similar to the species of the same genus but differ to the other stingless bees. In this species, we counted a total of 9 to 12 brood combs and a total of 19 to 25 food pots in the nests. The number of individuals in the colonies is considered small and our estimate was based on individual and group weight. Our study approach may contribute to further detailed studies of the species nest and considering the stingless bees to the pollination of agricultural crops and native flora of tropical regions, it is important to add information about the biology of P. droryana.


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